October 27, 2022

25 High-Performing WooCommerce Examples to Inspire You

Are you looking for an incredible e-commerce platform for your store? You might have heard about WooCommerce, but you probably don’t know much about it. WooCommerce is among the most accepted e-commerce platforms, with more than 3.8 million sites using it. Although it formally provides 41 themes, you may make your own by taking advantage of the customization tools on the platform. If you want some inspiration, keep reading because we will take a look at among the best WooCommerce examples. Enjoy the list!

1. Davis Instruments

Let us start by looking at the Davis Instruments website. This comes up as among the most popular WooCommerce examples. This firm has several product lines for vehicle monitoring, outdoor recreation, and weather monitoring. If you scroll down, you will notice the product categories are arranged in striking full-width units, with pictures as well as descriptions. Tapping on ‘Learn More’ on this WooCommerce site shows subcategories, comparison charts, and physical product solutions to guide your purchase process.

Screenshot of Davis Instruments

2. Shop Catalog

The Shop Catalog, the eCommerce sister site to the Thought Catalog, is powered by WooCommerce. It deals with products such as books, apparel, and home items. Its digital storefront is clean, simple, and effective, with the homepage featuring stunning and large product images. This makes it incredibly easy for clients to find inspiration for their future purchases. It is amazingly easy to navigate this WordPress WooCommerce store and intuitive for a smooth user experience.

Screenshot of Shop Catalog

3. Sodashi

Another breathtaking storefront powered by WooCommerce is the beauty website Sodashi. Visitors are introduced to their main products and brand history on their homepage in a natural order with fluid scrolling transitions. To mirror their all-natural beauty brand image, they use soft pastels and a natural color scheme.
The ‘Find My Skin Care’ page, which is accessed through the navigation bar, makes excellent use of interactive forms. This is one of the WooCommerce storefront examples that enables customers to easily complete a multi-page form that asks them a few straightforward questions regarding their skin type before taking them to a product page that is specifically tailored to their answers.

Screenshot of Sodashi

4. Simply Chocolate

Awwwards named Simply Chocolate as one of the year’s top websites.With the layout of the homepage for this WordPress WooCommerce website, the web designers undoubtedly innovated. It has an unconventional navigation bar that is stacked vertically and rotated 90 degrees. Additionally, the homepage’s distinctive block scrolling feature does a fantastic job of highlighting their gourmet chocolate masterpieces.

Screenshot of Simply Chocolate

5. Printing New York

A professional printing shop with headquarters in New York, Printing New York. Everything is printed there, including banners, business cards, and expensive letterpress items. Thanks to its responsive theme, the website’s homepage features strong designs and still appears sophisticated on the phone.
They depend on WooCommerce Shipping Zones and utilize it to its fullest potential to guarantee quick and effective nationwide delivery.

Screenshot of Printing New York

6. The Best Me

A website called The Best Me is based in California. Sliders are used to display its various products and simple designs in a beautiful way. This is one of the WooCommerce website examples that employ design components on its homepage to draw attention to its products.
Additionally, the website employs dynamic pricing techniques to make users feel valued. To boost sales and revenue, this WooCommerce site uses the ideal combination of plugins and themes.

Screenshot of The Best Me

7. Little Giants, Giant Shorties

This Little Giants, Giant Shorties is one of the amazing WooCommerce website examples of how to present your clothing items in the best possible light.
The homepage slideshow uses full-width, extremely large, high-quality photos of beautiful children looking dope to grab the user’s attention right away and display their distinctive sense of style.
Their bright and assertive brand image is reflected in the website’s bold and bright color scheme. With clearly defined product categories for simple browsing and an invariably visible shopping cart to lower cart abandonment, usability is also excellent.

Screenshot of Little Giants, Giant Shorties

8. J. Hornig

Premium Austrian coffee roasters! The attention to detail in J. Hornig‘s online store shows their love and passion for their product. The owners of this WooCommerce website demonstrate that they understand their customers and what they are looking for by paying close attention to how variations are handled and including crystal-clear niche calls to action on their homepage.

The J. Hornig store uses a WordPress theme that was specially created for it, WPML to handle content in multiple languages, and Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for tracking.

Screenshot of J. Hornig

9. Cupcake Studio

This Ukrainian cupcake shop sells delectable iced confections. Cupcake Studio is among the WooCommerce storefront examples that have discovered exquisite web wrapping for showcasing their treats to the world using a specially developed WordPress theme. The emphasis is unmistakably on evoking a feeling through the design, and the products are presented with the delicate and elegant air of a classic cupcake shop.

Screenshot of Cupcake Studio

10. Disguised Coffee Grounds

For eCommerce sales, the Hidden Grounds Coffee business has the ideal formula.

Both the name and the WooCommerce website are excellent. The website’s design includes custom filters that draw you in, and shipping is calculated automatically for countries all over the world. Here, buying a great cup of coffee is simple.

Screenshot of Disguised Coffee Grounds

11. Dineamic

Dineamic offers natural, wholesome fast food made with fresh ingredients.

Dynamic uses the WooCommerce Cart Tab extension to always keep the cart details visible in a tab on the side of the screen, along with a custom WordPress theme and the usual use of tracking and analytics plugins.

By keeping the cart front and center in your visitor’s vision, this helps to increase conversions and decrease cart abandonment rates.

Screenshot of Dineamic

12. April Soderstrom

Selling different accessories, such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, April Soderstrom focuses on a fun, laid-back look that also exudes a sense of luxury. Their homepage conveys information regarding a holiday gift set promotion and fits that tone.

Additionally, a small banner at the page’s top on this WooCommerce website clearly states the company’s free shipping policy. Customers can get vital details about their order from this without being drawn away from the rest of the website.

Screenshot of April Soderstrom

13. JOCO Cups

A direct-to-consumer company called JOCO Cups offers glasses, bottles, reusable cups, straws, and many other drinking accessories. Their WooCommerce site design has a minimal aesthetic built on a primarily monochromatic color palette, which is somewhat reminiscent of other DTC brands.

The homepage of JOCO Cups features hero images of a few of their most well-liked products. Each item has a high-resolution image displayed next to it that is consistent with the brand’s aesthetic, along with a call to action that directs viewers to the category page for that item.

Screenshot of JOCO Cups

14. Buddhi Baby

Shopping for a mother and infant can be challenging. By providing curated gift boxes of goods that moms and kids have found useful, Buddhi Baby seeks to make this easier.

In order to deliver their goods to you as quickly and conveniently as possible, Buddhi Baby uses the Pexeto Mineral theme, a Mailchimp widget, and a few unique landing pages for every gift box.

A good illustration of how to concentrate on opening your store online is this WooCommerce website. Despite the fact that their store uses the standard WooCommerce styles, the store’s styling blends in perfectly with the rest of their website and enables them to start serving customers right away without getting too technical.

Screenshot of Buddhi Baby

15. Fitger’s Brewhouse

We had to incorporate at least one brewery in this list because that’s how WooCommerce rolls. WooCommerce is used by Fitger’s Brewhouse to sell products for their brewpub.

The simplicity of this store is what appeals to us. The sidebar does not contain any flashy upsells or overly promotional product ads. Just products with a beautiful design that fits in with the remainder of their website. This is one of the WooCommerce examples showing that sometimes, keeping things simple pays off.

Screenshot of Fitger’s Brewhouse

16. Edible Blossoms

The WooCommerce Canvas theme and a simple color scheme are used by Edible Blossoms. Apart from wanting to order some of their delicious bouquets, we find Edible Blossoms’ use of the Easy Timer WordPress plugin to be a great takeaway. Utilizing this plugin as an upsell will enable customers to place orders more quickly. We definitely want to click “Checkout” more quickly after reading that! Superb work!

Screenshot of Edible Blossoms

17. Over Clothing

One of the WooCommerce-powered websites, Over Clothing, uses a specially created WordPress theme that is powered by Twitter’s Bootstrap framework. The priority of their store appears to be primarily on how they showcase their products, instead of presenting a plethora of widgets on the side of their store, as they appear to be operating a few key plugins. Further investigation reveals that they are utilizing a social login feature and a store credit extension for WooCommerce to make it incredibly simple for users to sign up and promote Over Clothing.

Screenshot of Over Clothing

18. Theater 40

Theatre 40 is a capable and aspirational theater company. The menu on Theatre 40’s elegant WooCommerce-powered website is divided into useful sections. This is one of the WooCommerce websites showing that you can make it quick and simple for clients to look up and reserve dates for a business’s plays.

The website is impressive thanks to its immaculately kept events calendar. According to your interests, you can reserve dates for its upcoming plays. Additionally, it notifies customers or members when season tickets are ready for purchase. By doing so, merchandise sells out more quickly.

Screenshot of Theater 40

19. Red Superfood Energy Bars

The website for Redd Superfood Energy Bars places a strong emphasis on the item. Additionally, any visitor can easily navigate the simple, clean design. The WooCommerce store’s intuitive navigation is one of its best qualities. On the homepage, featured products are also shown.

A similar design can be found in WooCommerce’s ProShop theme. This theme assists you in building a simple website that highlights your products while ensuring a seamless user experience for your site’s visitors.

Screenshot of Red Superfood Energy Bars

20. Porter & York

Fresh cuts of meat, fish, and poultry are sold by Porter & York, a WooCommerce-based store, and are delivered to your door within 48 hours. It doesn’t appear to have taken much more than a custom WordPress theme and Google Analytics tracking to come up with a substantial solution to satisfy Porter & York’s requirements. An excellent illustration of how to effectively use product imagery in marketing is Porter & York.

Screenshot of Porter & York

21. Europa Medical Supplies

Europa Medical Supplies is also one of the top WooCommerce examples. It was created with the goal of distributing top-notch medical supplies. Everything looks great, thanks to the fantastic theme and beautifully designed page. The Menu speeds up page switching along with its easy navigation features.

The website does a great job of concealing the prices of its goods. In place of that, you are given the option to submit a Request for Quotation for its healthcare supplies. By doing this, the brand provides the bulk buyers with sufficient room for negotiation.

Screenshot of Europa Medical Supplies

22. Studio Job

The e-commerce platform Studio Job’s comic book-inspired website receives high marks for creativity. The style beautifully displays Studio Job’s “high-end kitsch” artwork and reflects the company’s distinctive DNA.

The WooCommerce-powered Studio Job’s artistic flair is reflected in the design elements used throughout the website. A completely insane array of images, animations, and videos can be found on the homepage. The visuals are very diverse, and the text is occasionally downright vulgar. With respect to conventional website designs, it is truly one of the

WooCommerce website examples with a breath of fresh air.

Additionally, this WooCommerce store makes use of oddball elements like personalized cursors. Depending on the page you’re on, various different graphics take the place of the standard pointer. These cursor images feature an eyeball, a shopping cart, and a hand raising its middle finger.

Screenshot of Studio Job

23. Leaf Shave

In the shaving industry, Leaf, a WooCommerce website, is making waves. They offer all-metal razors that offer a plastic-free, green method of shaving. Their website’s natural colors and imagery throughout reflect their brand’s commitment to the environment.

Visitors can navigate to the most crucial web pages with ease thanks to the straightforward navigation bar, which is refreshingly clutter-free. On this WooCommerce-powered website, there are only 4 tabs: “shop,” “account,” “cart,” and “learn.”
The layout of the shop page is excellent. Because there are so few products available, there aren’t any clumsy filters to help clients sort through the selection.

Screenshot of Leaf Shave

24. Earthbound

The UK-based website Earthbound offers adorable dog-related items for purchase. You will fall in love with the WooCommerce website because of the dog images, positive vibe, and design elements such as colors and fonts.

The company does a brilliant job of only showing its valuable members the products and content it offers. As a result, the website attracts more dog owners to register on their website.

Additionally, its gorgeous design and image gallery look better on mobile devices. Additionally, shipping costs are calculated automatically.

Screenshot of Earthbound

25. Flower City Flavor Company

Flower City Flavor Company is also one of the best WooCommerce website examples. The New York-based online retailer offers distinctive flavors to honor food. The theme used in this WooCommerce illustration is multi-responsive. Additionally, it emphasizes giving users an intuitive experience.

The business utilizes a caching plugin to make sure that pages load incredibly quickly in order to enhance customer experience. This feature ensures that the company’s website performs flawlessly at all times.

Screenshot of Flower City Flavor Company

It’s all done now!

We sincerely hope you enjoyed our tour of a few WooCommerce examples and our analysis of what makes them distinctive. There are always a lot of lessons to learn from looking at what other people have made using WooCommerce, whether you’re establishing a store selling clothing or candy bars.

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