Custom WordPress Development to Help Your Business Thrive

As one of the best WordPress development companies, Cyphon Digital can design, develop, support, and maintain an attractive on-brand website designed specifically to help your business stand out and grow. 

Fully Custom WordPress Development Services

As a full-service WordPress Development Agency with over 20 years of experience, we understand that using a generic WordPress theme, cliché website design, open-source templates, and bland functionality doesn’t help you grow.

Whether you’re a small business, a large B2B company, an up-and-coming tech startup, or an ecommerce brand, Cyphon Digital is your one-stop shop for building cost-effective, fully custom WordPress websites. We are more than just WordPress developers – we offer a wide range of digital marketing services to collaborate with your new website or redesign.

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WordPress Theme Development
Our theme development team can create a unique theme that will help you stand out among the competition. With full customization, your theme will mirror your brand on every page for a growth-oriented online presence. No matter what you want out of your branding or rebranding WP development, we can help you engage your target audience with specialized features, content, applications, animations, and more.
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UX/UI Development
When we develop your WordPress website, we ensure that the functionalities are suited for usability. That means we develop, customize, and improve your WordPress functions to synergize with UI design and UX design elements. High performance UX/UI development ensures a positive user experience for every visitor.
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Our development team can enhance your ecommerce store with high-quality WooCommerce features that align with your branding, no matter what product or service you offer. We write clean code to make your online store fast and simple with a custom on-brand theme and design. Plus, with an in-house marketing agency, we can help you boost conversion rates and even integrate your existing CRM for seamless transition.
Mobile-Friendly WP
These days, your WordPress web design must be mobile-friendly. While not everyone needs mobile app development, every website should be optimized for mobile view. We design and redesign websites with this in mind, so that your visitors can scroll and navigate easily on smartphones and tablets, boosting conversion rates and helping you stand out as an authority.
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Cyphon website development services don’t end once your WordPress site is up and running, because we offer ongoing support and maintenance for your development project. Our continuous web design maintenance after activation guarantees that your plugins, themes, and design project stay responsive, fast, and free from malware. We don’t rely solely on automation but leverage our WordPress web development expertise to ensure your site runs smoothly and effectively.
Cyphon Empowers Islander Flooring with Custom Shopify Development and Advanced Ecommerce Features

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Why Cyphon Digital is a Top-Rated WordPress Development Company in USA

Cyphon Digital is a complete web design agency offering the absolute best team of WordPress experts and project managers ready to customize your entire web design, experience, and functionality so you can meet your business needs.

WordPress Development for Any Business Type

Because our WordPress development services are fully customizable, we can create a professional website for any business size and type. Whether you are a SaaS business, real estate agent, freelancer, small business, e-commerce store, product design manufacturer, or anything else, we can help. Our WordPress web designers, back-end software developers, social media marketing aficionados, and custom WordPress developers know how to help your business grow whether you're in India, the United States, or anywhere in between.

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Experience and Strong Track Record

As our case studies and successful custom WordPress development projects indicate, we have a long track record of growing businesses for our happy clients. With full-service options including rebranding, digital marketing, SEO, web design, and WordPress web development services, many customers claim that “Cyphon is the best WordPress development company around” simply because we give you, your business, and your customers what you want.

Competitive Pricing

Since our services increase your conversion rate and retention, help you beat out the competition, and offer 100% custom support, our prices ensure a significant ROI. That's because our pricing structure is customized to fit your needs and budget. Plus, as a one-stop shop, you save money – you never need to worry about outsourcing with other web solutions or WordPress Development agencies. In fact, we handle it all from development to deployment and maintenance, and beyond.

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Personalized Support

Our web development company is dedicated to you, which is why we are here to answer your questions throughout the entire WordPress development and design process. Plus, our goal is to help you reach your business goals, so you always get the best services that actually help your business grow.

How to Get Started with Cyphon WordPress Development

Use the button below to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your goals, brand, industry, and expectations.

During our initial consultation, we can discuss exactly what is needed for your website. That way, we can develop the optimal plan for your goals.

The first step for our WordPress website development process is to create a custom WordPress theme. This includes visually appealing designs, on-brand elements, attractive functionality, useful plugins, and full-service support.

Next, we customize and integrate plugins that amplify your business and improve your workflow.

Cyphon cares about your data, responsiveness, and speed. That’s why we optimize your WordPress site for security and performance.

With extensive testing, we make sure your WordPress site is functional, fast, and attractive before launch. If any of the plugins, API integrations, or themes are slowing things down, we get back to the coding to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Launch your website and watch as it drives revenue by supporting your lead generation and digital marketing campaigns.

Receive ongoing support, training, and website maintenance to ensure your web presence continues to meet and exceed performance expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost from one agency to the next will be drastic, but here at Cyphon Digital, we price our services based on what you need. That way, you only pay for the services that help your business grow.

Our team of expert web developers specialize in building WordPress websites using both front-end and back-end website features, HTML and PHP code, and advanced tools for full customization of your website. Not only can we help you design and build a new website home page, landing pages, and more, but we can also help you enhance an existing website design.

Cyphon works with many SaaS companies to improve their marketing strategy, website development, branding, and design. However, we do not only specialize in SaaS design and development because we have clients in many industries from local businesses to larger startups and everything in between.

Using a WordPress development agency means you can access the expertise you need to create custom solutions for your business that go beyond the basic functionality of standard WordPress themes and plugins. We can create features tailored to your business goals including CRM integration, advanced e-commerce solutions, and more. 


Plus, we can help your website grow alongside your business with scalability. Our advanced development team ensures your website is designed to grow and handle more traffic, data, and content. We also optimize your WordPress website for speed and performance, which can boost your search engine rankings and SEO results, amplify your conversion rates, and, most importantly, promote a positive user experience


Finally, we have the knowledge and tools to keep your data secure using security measures like Single Sign-on, encrypted databased, and more. This protects you against cyber criminals, hacking, and other threats to you, your business, and your customers. 

Cyphon Digital offers three personalized services for redesign options to help you enhance and upgrade your existing website. 


  1. Full WordPress Website Revamp for a new website or complete rebranding project. This includes everything from themes and plugins to e-commerce integration, security, testing, and launch.
  2. Conversion rate optimization to help improve your KPI performance, which includes development for a better user experience, responsiveness, speed, and e-commerce improvements as well as marketing.  
  3. Maintenance optimization to help you improve upon your existing WordPress website by addressing bugs, improving speed, and making sure all features, functionalities, and security applications are working well. 
In addition to WooCommerce and WordPress CMS, Cyphon Digital can help develop through other CMS platforms and e-commerce platforms including Drupal CMS, HubSpot, Magento, Shopify, or other applications.

Ready to Get Started?

For over 20 years, Cyphon Digital has helped businesses drive revenue with professional website designs customized to suit their goals, values, and industry. Our collaborative approach and dedication to your success starts with a complimentary discovery consultation.