How Cyphon Digital Helped Correct Toes Grow Their eCommerce Conversion Rates By 30.14%

The Client:

Designed by renowned sports podiatrist Dr. Ray McClanahan, Correct Toes® is the best brand for toe spacers to rebuild and maintain foot strength and flexibility.

Project Summary:

increase in total website revenue
0 %
increase in the number of orders
0 %
increase in the website conversion rates
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Challenges / Objectives

Correct Toes® came to us, frustrated with their eCommerce website revamp project, which dragged on for more than one year and still was not ready to be launched.

The development website was in bad shape when we met the client. It was slow, missing product information, and was not easy to navigate for new customers.

In addition to the website issues, Correct Toes® had seen flat sales performance from its website and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, primarily on Google Ads.


We were first contracted to help finish and launch Correct Toes’ new website and rebuild its PPC campaigns to be aligned with the company’s revenue goals.

The old website was built on an outdated Magento website and the development website was built on WooCommerce.

Like many WooCommerce websites, Correct Toes’ staging site had an unnecessarily complex structure and too many plugins that significantly slowed down the website. Those plugins also created potential issues for scaling because they can cause conflicts among each other.

After combing through the codes carefully, we helped Correct Toes restructure its web pages, cut down 60% of plugins and custom-coded most features to ensure stability and fast speed.

Our team also completely revamped its checkout process, which includes modern solutions that will automatically fill out an address as customers start to type. It also intelligently identifies the user’s location to provide accurate shipping information because Correct Toes® sells internationally.

At the same time, we started consolidating the client’s Google Ads campaigns and helped the client transition from standard search and shopping campaigns to the newest Performance Max campaigns.

The Performance Max campaigns allowed Google to utilize AI to help our client target potential buyers based on their shopping intent.

We were able to help Correct Toes® finish and launch the new website in 3 months. The new website and the revamped PPC campaigns then generated the most revenue for the client on record.

Project Highlights

Advanced Development Strategy

Cyphon Digital chose to custom-code most features on a WooCommerce website that powers a global brand to ensure smooth and fast user experience.

PPC Consolidation to Work Smart

When AI can outperform manual work, we don’t fight it but embrace it and empower it. With an uber simple structure, we made the most out of the client’s ad budget.

Plan Ahead to Stay Ahead

We believe the best brands understand their customers and help Correct Toes® create various feedback loops to learn and hear its customers’ voices for future improvement.

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